Hi there! I’m Sarah.

I'm married to the love of my life and we have five kids (1 boy, 4 girls…yeah, it’s crazy town)! We live in a place called “Hawaidaho”… small town North Shore, Oahu in the winter and even smaller town farm country, Idaho during the summer months. We love it.

I have been a registered nurse “RN” since 2001 and have worked primarily pediatrics and women’s health. As a nurse, I am freaking grateful for modern medicine.

I try to live life in a natural, safe way…trying my best to protect the little people I’m in charge of (it’s stressful, ya’ll).  As a mama, I believe in the power of good old mother nature. And essential oils are my jam.

Finding the balance between the two (eastern and western medicine) is the tricky part. Sometimes I feel like people think it’s either all or nothing, one or the other, right or wrong. I think that’s the main reason why people often feel confused and overwhelmed. But it’s called balance for a reason! I believe in finding the happy place that works for you, in reaching first for natural alternatives but not crying yourself to sleep when you have to choose antibiotics or advil. I am the very first to admit that I am not perfect: my kids eat too many fruit snacks and I sometimes have a coke with my mexican food. There, I said it.

If you’ve ever felt like I do, there’s room at my table and I invite you to pull up a chair. If you’re a mom, a nurse, a woman (of course, we welcome dads & men too!) who wants more natural options to care for the ones you love, you’re in the right place! Welcome.


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