sarah vansteenkiste

I’m married to my bestie and we have five kids ranging 14 to 2. We live in Hawaiidaho (half the year in Hawaii, the other half in Idaho). We love to travel & eat & explore & adventure… but mostly, we love to be together.

I’ve been a registered nurse “RN” for 16 years so I’m medically minded and thankful for the many miracles in modern medicine (whew, that’s a lot of ‘M’s). I am also a firm believer that we were given this beautiful, abundant earth for a reason and there are powerful agents found in it: food, plants, essential oils! {also chocolate}

Sure, there are lots of things that are broken about our “system”… we can talk doom and gloom all day or we can DO something about it! I am grateful to have found tools that allow me to be an advocate and take responsibility for my role in our family’s health!

Are you sick of synthetics in your household products, endless visits to the urgent care and late nights with toddlers that don’t sleep? I was too.

If you’re searching for some powerful, NATURAL tools, we should definitely be friends!

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