Heavenly Laundry


Is there anything better than fresh laundry? I love getting my clothes or sheets straight out of the dryer and just taking a big wiff of goodness. Besides using my trusty OnGuard Laundry detergent, I have found the perfect trick for keeping my laundry nice and fresh. Wool dryer balls. There are numerous benefits to using these balls. Your laundry will dry faster. They get rid of static. And of course they are eco friendly! (always a plus in my book). And they are also unscented and great for sensitive skin. My favorite thing to do with wool dryer balls is add ESSENTIAL OILS of course! My favorite, (that gives an amazingly fresh scent) is lemongrass. I like to use 3-6 drops on each ball and 3 balls in a load. Try it out and you’ll never buy dryer sheets again!!