ITOVI In-Depth + My Little Secrets By Lacey Watkins

FIRST…What Is ITOVI (In. Plain. English.)

ITOVI is a tiny little device that you hold in the palm of your hand while it scans your body’s frequencies and compares it to all of Doterra’s (or whatever other company you choose to use ITOVI for) products and supplements in a little over a minute!

Depending on how your body responds to these frequencies it suggests products to help put your biometrics back in order…aka get you to that homeostasis point. You know centered, grounded, the best you that you can be? Yea, that!




It is SAFE for all ages, pregnant women, and those who have pacemakers!

ITOVI for Personal Use

Business aside, I love having this tool in my house just for my family and I.

When the baby is crying and has no way to tell me what’s wrong and I’ve done all I can think of-  rolled on oils for teething and belly ache- yet she is still crying! I can scan and find a solution immediately! (Baby just needed some CHEER in her life!)

The results were instantaneous; two minutes later I had a happy baby. TRUE STORY!!!. Believe me when I say it was worth every penny that month! Haha ITOVI took the guess work out of it.

That is how I use the scanner when I am in those desperate moments, but I do not use it every day. The way I am using the scanner for my family and I’s health is to scan only once every 4-6 weeks only.

The whole point of the scan is to look at your results, interpret what your body was telling you, and implement a plan to help get you to a more balanced point. Once I figure out what the results mean to me, then I implement a plan for each of us depending on each of our results. Sometimes, it is just choosing one oil or blend to diffuse at least 3 times a week, sometimes I make a rollerball or two, and other times I implement or continue the use of proper supplements! If I see common oil that most members of the family have, it is easier for me to add one oil to our daily routine than five, so I go with that! It is all about ease of use and implementation!

Incorporating ITOVI Into Your Business

I have not regretted having my ITOVI scanner since signing up for the monthly plan in October of 2016! My method of using the scanner has varied month to month, but here are some ideas on how you can use it as a business tool:

Build your Database-

o   We all know how important it is to have a list of “prospects” and ITOVI delivers just that! To scan anyone you must first enter full name, email, date of birth, etc…before it will even let them scan…so no way out of it! HAHA Then, the app saves that in your Client list! I am now up to almost 150 clients in my database and only about 50 are from my current team! If you are awesome at following up this is an amazing tool for you! Get creative…possibilities are endless! I also just discovered that you can export the list into a CVS file when you are logged in to the website on your desktop! So awesome!

Enrollment Incentive-

o   Enroll with me and receive a free ITOVI scan and consult…a $35 value! (That value can be whatever you want it to be...I just made that one up)! But seriously my consults, where we sit down and I go in-depth into the scan, last 30-45 minutes. We should all value our time!

Wellness Consult Bonus-

o   Once someone enrolls with you and if they are local, you can offer to scan them at your wellness consult meeting. It is a great way to show them that there are other oils out there too that would be great for them and can help the both of you to come up with some good options to begin LRP’ing with!


o   You know when you are out and about and someone asks you the big question…What do you do? …Well, funny you should ask!

”I teach others how to become empowered through the use of essential oils, and I actually have this awesome scanner with me that reads your bodies frequencies and suggest oils/supplements that would work best for you! Only takes a minute…seriously it is so neat! Let’s scan you, free of charge…it’s on me;)! How would you like the results sent email or text? I don’t have time to go in depth with you now but if you would like to set up a consult with me I would love to share my knowledge with you! I do charge $35 for the consult but should you choose to buy any of the products mentioned, I waive that fee!”

 (make this your own…but seriously I have enrolled a few people randomly by using this method! One of them had never even heard about essential oils and after the scan was like what do you recommend? “Well the family physician’s kit is a great place to start…yada yada. Yes, I want that. Sign me up! “




o   OK so prior to talking to Doterra compliance I did an event where I set up my Doterra booth and made a sign offering free ITOVI scans, and one where I charged for them. More sales definitely happened at the one where I charged a fee. I just had it set at $10 a scan or free with any purchase. Some people just paid the fee, and others made a purchase! Then, I talked to Doterra compliance and they say no go. Here was their response:

“Thank you for contacting Compliance. Because the ITOVI is considered a medical device scanner and diagnoses something ailing the body, it is not permissible to use with DōTERRA’s products or advertise alongside them. This also means ITOVI cannot be used at a booth while promoting DōTERRA.”

That is basically the opposite of what ITOVI claims it does, but as of now, you must pick or choose. I have not done an event with just my scanner yet, but I actually think it would work way better than having just a Doterra booth. But that is an entirely other blog post…

See?! There are so many different ways you can use your scanner! My enrollments have definitely gone up since using this device as well. It piques people’s curiosity who may otherwise not give essential oils a second thought. It becomes personal once they see what their own body is trying to tell them…not some MLM sales-lady! J

Best Method to Scan with? So many Choices!

ITOVI offers options on how you scan. You can scan for oils, supplements, and kits, or any combination of the three. You can also change how many of the results are shown either 3, 5, 7, or 10. Depending on the results you are using the scanner for can influence the amount of products you choose for it to show. If you are using your scanner just to pique someone’s interest and get the conversation going without being overwhelming 3 or 5 would probably be good for you!

If you want to get the fullest picture of what their body is trying to say, I scan for the full 10 oils first then right after scan for the full 10 supplements. This helps you to see the big picture and look for common themes. Five or more oils/products mentioned are related to the gut…maybe recommending the client to start with some products that promote gut health would be a great place to start! It does not mean that the person needs to purchase 20 products to be healthy!

A great tip I have received, and that I have seen a strong correlation to with my clients, is that biomarkers above a 10 tend to be from something currently going on in their body, and numbers below a 10 usually hold more emotional weight and can be caused by subconscious or even conscious emotional feelings.

Tools to use for ITOVI Consults

A reference book like Modern Essentials or The Essential Life, and the Emotions & Essential Oils book, and a note pad.

Prepping My Clients

From the beginning I let them know this is going to be fun and quick! The scan only takes about a minute for the oils and a minute to scan the supplements! Then, I let them know they can get as much or as little out of it as they want! I ask, “Would you like to look at it in-depth with me using my reference books or just take a quick peek at your top oil and bottom oil you scanned for?” I listen! The reason I say top oil and bottom oil is so I can at least explain the high number physical…low number emotional connection that way they know it is there, and if they want to know more later they can do their own research!

I also always verbally say this device is just taking a snapshot of how your body responded to the frequencies of the oils and supplements! This is in no way to diagnose you, we are just going to read about the products your body reacted well to and you can see if any of it makes sense to you!


So easy a two year old can do it!


I like to get out a notepad, write the clients name and date at the top, then draw a line strait down the center.  AT the top left I write the word oils; at the top right I write the word supplements.

In each column I list the bio-marker numbers in descending order and the recommended product. I allow the client to flip through the books on his/her own (while I write) and read about each oil/supplement and tell me what speaks to them, and I jot it down. They talk. I listen. (much easier to do than guess what it means for your two year old! Haha)

Based on the products recommended, the order they are recommended, and what the person has told me,  I then help them figure out the products that would benefit them the most to start out with and let them know why I am recommending them. We also then make a daily protocol so that they are more likely to go home confident in using the products they are purchasing.

Another recommended read is Feelings Buried Alive Never Die by Karol K. Truman. It is an amazing read that helps to explain how our physical pain can actually be caused by our unchecked emotions.

Interpreting Scans Compliantly

So compliance does make it very difficult to talk about scan results…but with good reason! We all have caring hearts and just want to let others know all that our products can do physically and emotionally, but sometimes we make what the FDA calls “false claims,” and we get ourselves into a pickle!

We should be mindful to never make claims that essential oils treat, cure, or prevent ailments or disease. You are not trying to diagnose or cure anything; you are just showing them tools to help them understand the results. Always encourage them to speak to their doctor before using products if that is what they are comfortable with!

How Much is the going to Cost Me?

To get an ITOVI scanner in your hands there are two options:

1. $9.99 for the iTOVi scanner and $39.99 a month for access

2. $799.99 for the scanner and a lifetime access with no monthly fees

Your iTOVi Tracker includes a 1 year warranty against manufacturer defects. You can extend that coverage to include accidental damage for life—even for future devices. A $50 deductible applies. The extra coverage costs $19.99.  I recommend this added coverage. The first week I had my scanner my 1.5 year old threw it in the trash. Let’s just say I did not figure that out in time to save it! Haha


Referral Program

Yes, they do have a referral program, and it is a great way to lower your monthly cost and help out on your bottom line. If you chose the first option in payments, one referral will lower your monthly fee to $29.99, your fifth referral lowers your monthly fee to $9.99 and six+ referrals you will get paid $50 each time! If you chose the second option in one payment you’ll get paid $50 each time since you have no monthly payments to lower!

I Want One!

If you are already a member of The Daily Essential Co., post in our members page and ask others for their referral link! Help a sister out and spread the love ;)!

If you are not currently a member of The Daily Essential Co. tribe and would still like to purchase an ITOVI scanner you can email me at , and I will make sure you are taken care of! J

I love helping others in every way possible to be the best version of themselves both physically and mentally. The ITOVI provides me with another tool to help reach out to more people that I otherwise may have not been able to help and get them started on a wellness journey! That is what this is all about! My prayer for you is that should you decide to get one of these devices for yourself (if you are on the fence…yes you totally should!) that you use it fearlessly in a way that helps yourself and others to be the best versions of yourself!


And as always, these statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent disease.




Chiropractics + Children with Jason Gilbert

Why do your kids need Chiropractic?

Everybody understands the importance of dental care to guarantee the dental health of one's teeth. Brushing, flossing and regular visits to the dentist are now practices that we don't need to think twice about. As a result more than 95% of people in the western world will keep their teeth throughout life. With all of this focus on dental care one would be excused for thinking that teeth were  essential for sustaining life. They are actually not. Our spine however, is.

Our brain sends and receives messages to and from the 10 trillion cells of our body via the nervous system. Not one cell of our body functions independently of the brain's command. There needs to be a direct, unbroken line of communication between the brain and all of the organs, tissues and cells of the body all of the time. Our brain is so important for us to sustain life that is protected within an immovable boney skull (the cranium).

Obviously if our skull was mobile, the bone's forming its structure could move out of place from forces like those exerted by traumas, falls or even when lying in the wrong position, threatening the health of our brain. The nervous tissue of the spinal cord, nerve roots and nerves is as delicate as the tissues of the brain. Pressure exerted upon the brain in other words has the same potential to damage the spinal-cord and nerves, due to their delicate nature. The spinal-cord and the roots are in cased within our bony spine, just as our brain is in case within our skull. However, unlike the cozy protection offered by the skull for the brain, the vertebral column unfortunately doesn't offer the same degree of protection. This is due to the fact that the spine is mobile. Can you imagine what it would be like to have the delicate electrical circuitry required to coordinate the function of our car, to be in cased in the most trauma affected part of our car – the wheels? Of course this wouldn't make sense.


Our spine obviously needs to be mobile. We need to move, twist, and bend to be able to perform our daily activities. The problem is that when our spine isn't perfectly aligned it begins to dysfunction and doesn't manage to protect the nervous system as efficiently as it does when it is aligned.

Children are active beings. They run and fall, jump and slide. They sleep in all sorts of positions. In the first five years of their lives they fall more than 2000 times! Each impact can compromise the very delicate relationship between the spine and the nervous system. Kids sometimes cry after falling. Their parents inicial reaction is go worry, until they see their child stop crying and go back to playing. However, what most parents fail to recognise is that these common traumas can result in spinal dysfunction that may take years or even decades to manifest itself. It's like the wheel of a car after going over a hole. The wheel is left misaligned but it takes many, many more kilometres to wear the tyre out. 


As mentioned previously, every single organ of the body receives its life from the brain via the nerves that exit the spine between each vertebra. Our health is therefore directly related to the state of our spine. Who would think of looking to the spine if a child had headaches, colic or wasn't sleeping well? Hippocrates would have as he declared 400 years BC,

"Look to the spine for the cause of disease."

Just as children's teeth need to be cared for from the time they appear, so too do their spines. The problem is that most parents simply don't know how to do that. Our spines are not visible looking from the outside as our teeth are. We can't see the mild deviations, the scoliosis or the dysfunction that may be reducing the life force between the brain and let's say, the child's intestines or stomach. Our body doesn't always advise us via pain and symptoms when something is wrong. How teeth don't either, as cavities can lie dormant for a long time before actually being detected.


Chiropractors specialise in the detection and removal of these functional anomalies that interfere with nervous communication and ultimately our child's health. A chiropractic examination is easy, fast and pain-free. Many kids will jostle with their siblings for the right to jump up onto the chiropractic table first. Chiropractic is about caring for the health of the spine while we possess that health and not waiting to treat the disease of the spine after we lose its health. Sounds a bit like our teeth once again, wouldn't you say? Chiropractic kids are happy, healthy fulfilled kids whose bodies allow them to express true health. If you have never had your children examined by a chiropractor why don't you give it ago? I discovered my spinal problems when I was seven years of age but only treated them when I was 19. I thought that low back pain was normal after playing sport. As I had suffered from an early age I just thought that it was normal and never told my mother or father. I wonder now how many back problems were related to the headaches, asthma and intestinal problems that I suffered so much as a kid. Funny that, as an adult I never again suffered these problems after getting regular chiropractic treatment. It changed my life and by dedicating my life to chiropractic, it has enabled me to change the lives of hundreds of thousands of others. Many people are surprised to hear that the children need chiropractic. When they understand that chiropractic focuses on maintaining the health we have and not treating something that we have acquired, it is easy to understand why parents will want to make sure that their children spine's are functioning optimally throughout their lives.

Jason Gilbert is an Australian chiropractor and health and well-being educator. He is an official chiropractor with the World Surfing League, is an author and was the presenter of the program emotional health on Fox life Brazil.

To find out more of what he does feel free to find him on Facebook or Instagram @jasongilbert_